Portfolio Sheet


Optional registration is free, fast and easy. Brief descriptions of the benefits are below. For more details see the Portfolio Sheet Menu > Help pull down menu in the sheet. You can register within the sheet on the Settings tab column B, just enter your desired user name.

Features Unlocked

All sheet features unlocked.

Limits Removed

Add as many accounts, symbols and transactions as you want. 

Automatic Updates

Automatically update to new beta and stable versions of the script, libary, hotfix and sheet. 

Free Support

Technical support by email and chat. 


Create a username which enables you to use advanced sheet features that require a username to work.

User Profile

Create a user profile and share as little or as much as you want with others.


Subscribe to a newsletter.


Earn points by doing different things like sharing sheet, uploading transactions, reporting bugs, etc.

Custom Sheet

Request a free custom sheet which enables you to:

- Archive your transactions.
- Share your transactions.
- Appear on the User Transactions sheet.
- Appear on the User Rankings sheet.
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Ok, got it!