Portfolio Sheet

Your Investments

The second group of sheets relate to investments you have entered into the sheet. Investments you enter are broken down into accounts, symbols and transactions. Brief descriptions of these sheets are below. For more details see the help menu in the sheet.


The Summary sheet shows a summary of all your specific account totals found in the headers of account sheets on one sheet. It is only displayed when you have more than one account as the information displayed for each account is already on the account specific sheet so showing it with one account is not needed. There is no need to edit anything on this sheet.

All Accounts

The All Accounts sheet shows all your account holdings on one sheet. It is only displayed when you have more than one account set to show as the same information is displayed on each specific account so showing it with only one account set to show is not needed. 

It displays the same data as the specific accounts sheets - it just combines all account holdings into one sheet. For info on some of the columns, view the specific accounts section below. There is no need to edit anything on this sheet. 

Specific Accounts

Specific account sheets display the information about the holdings within each specific account. Specific account sheets are automatically created and deleted based on the accounts listed on the Accounts sheet. There is no need to edit anything on these types of sheets. 


The Movers sheet gives you a view of some of the most active stocks in your portfolio. The number of rows shown can be changed on the Settings sheet in the Movers section. There is no need to edit anything on this sheet. It shows the following:

Top Gainers By %
Top Gainers By $
Top Decliners By %
Top Decliners By $
Largest Volume Increases
Largest Volume Decreases
Highest Volume
Lowest Volume 
Oldest Trade Date


The Transaction sheet is where you enter all your transactions. There must be a corresponding account and symbol on the Symbols sheet for all transactions relating to a specific security.

Search Transactions

The Search Transactions sheet enables you to view all transactions by symbol and/or account. You can also jump to this sheet with the symbol and account already filled out by changing the drop down selection in the Action column on a specific account sheet of the All Accounts sheet. 


Before entering a transaction on the Transaction sheet the account and symbol you want to enter needs to have already been entered on the Symbols sheet. Symbols are entered on a seprate sheet so that data about the symbol ( company name, industry, sector, etc.) does not need to be repeated on the transactions sheet.

Source Data

The Source 1, Source 2, Source 3, etc sheets are hidden by default. They are where the raw market data retrieved for your holdings is stored. Source 1 sheet is always used to store data from Google itself using its built in sheet functions. Other sources are subject to change depending on availability.


The sheet supports the use of multiple accounts. This can be useful if you have multiple accounts at the same or different brokerages or if you simply want to track your investments in different categories as each account creates a seprate sheet tab for investments in that account.

Account History

The Account History sheet can record your account totals and display the data in a chart. This data can be recorded automatically or manually on the sheet. You can enable automatic recording of history on the Settings sheet in the History section.


The Taxes sheet displays capital gains or losses to assist you in paying your estimated taxes through the year. You can also record any tax payments you made during the year. You can edit the tax rates used and tax periods on the Settings sheet in the Taxes section. 

User Transactions

The User Transactions sheet shows the most recent buy and sell transactions that other users of the sheet have chosen to anonymously share. If a sale, any realized gain or loss is displayed. 

User Rankings

The User Rankings sheet shows the realized gains and losses of those users of the sheet that have chosen to anonymously share their transactions. To get ranked yourself, you merely need to register, request a custom sheet and upload your transactions. Currency values displayed are in US Dollars. 

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