Portfolio Sheet

Market Information

The first group of sheets provide general market information. Brief descriptions of these sheets are below. For more details see the help menu in the sheet.


The Markets sheet retrieves information about market indexes around the world. On the Settings sheet you can control what regional market indexes are shown. There is no need to edit anything on this sheet.


The Futures sheet retrieves information about over 70 common futures contracts. Up to 12 contract months are shown for each. On the Settings sheet you can control what futures are shown and how frequently they update. To force it to refresh sooner than it is set to automatically refresh on the Settings sheet, click the Price link in header. There is no need to edit anything on this sheet. If a future you would like to see is missing, please suggest it so it can be considered for addition. 


The News sheet retrieves links to news. You can enter a symbol for news about a specific security or you can select a site and category for news relating to that category. The news items returned are RSS feeds from various sources. 


The Charts sheet retrieves a chart for the symbol entered. You can select customize the chart by selecting a chart type, period, modifiers and symbols to compare. If entering multiple symbols to compare, separate them by commas. 


The Quotes sheet enables you to look up market data for the symbol entered. If available, it will also display historic returns which are shown in the chart. This historical returns percentage include both the return since the date of oldest data (Total) and the average yearly return (Average).

You can also show the quotes in the sidebar by clicking the Show In Sidebar link.


The Historical sheet returns historical market data when available for the symbol and period or date range entered. 


The Currencies sheet enables you to convert one currency amount to another currency amount, view major, minor and exotic currency pairs and add your own currency pairs. 


The Watchlist sheet enables you to add symbols you have not yet purchased but are interested in keeping track of. Enter the symbol in the first column and if desired any notes. 


The Dashboard sheet comes filled with charts. You can remove or redraw the charts by going to the Dashboard section of the Settings sheet. Once the charts appear, they will update in real time. The charts show different statistics from your sheet. There is no need to edit anything on this sheet.

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