Portfolio Sheet


The scripts used by the sheet are contained within a library which can be updated as per below.


To update the sheet's library go to the following pull down menu in the sheet and select the most recent version from the menu.

Tools > Script editor > Resources > Libraries ...

After updating the library, return to the Versions sheet and update the script and hotfix to the minimum versions the library supports.

Library Identifier

The identifier field listed when one updates the library should contain the following:


Library Key

Libraries are identified by their key. If you accidently remove the library, please contact us with the last hotfix version you have applied (see Versions sheet) and we will provide you with the proper libary key so that you can add it back.

Library Notes

On 8/9/2016 development of the original library that came with the sheet stopped at version 274. All future development has been done in a new library. If you started using the sheet before this date and you have not already, go to the Versions sheet tab and update the following:

1) Library to 274

2) Script to

3) Hotfix to

Then close and reopen sheet and you will be provided with the new library key and instructions to install.

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Ok, got it!