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Manage Your Investment Portfolio In A Free Google Spreadsheet


Portfolio Sheet is a free Google spreadsheet to help you manage your financial investments.

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Then click the blue "Make a copy" button.
Sheet will load with Help window on right side.
Follow Setup & Quick Start guide in Help window.

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Spreadsheet Features

Spreadsheet is organized into over 30 sheet tabs
to help you manage your financial investments.
The sheet contains the following features.

Accounts / Symbols / Transactions

Support for unlimited number of
accounts, symbols & transactions.

All additions, edits and deletions
synchronized across all sheet tabs.


Dedicated sheets auto created for each account.

Separate all accounts sheet shows
investments from all accounts.

Separate summary sheet shows
summary from all accounts.

Hide inactive accounts.

Specify order of data on account sheets.

Auto resort after data update.

Allocation of each account by
equities, bonds and cash.

Automatic account history/chart.


Symbols sheet prevents unecessary duplication
of data on transactions sheet.

Specify security type, notes, URL, sector,
industry, high/low targets, rating & more.

Auto lookup of URL, sector, industry & ratings.


Add buy, sell, split, tax, fee,
dividend, interest and cash transactions.

Auto retrieve dividends.

Manual or automatic processing of transactions.

Multiple accounting and cost basis methods
including cost basis, average basis,
FIFO, LIFO & specific shares.

View transactions users have choosen to share.

View rankings of users who have
choosen to share their transactions.

Automatic tracking of short and
long term shares, gains & losses.

Estimates of taxes owed on
short & long capital gains.

Search transactions by account & symbol.

Market Data

Over 50 columns of market data.

Automated market data updates
from multiple sources.

Adjust market update frequency.

Get price target email alerts.

View your most active holdings by
% or $ gain/loss, volume, trade date.

Dashboard sheet with over 15 charts of sheet data.

General Investing

Get a market overview with multiple
regional market indexes.

Over 70 futures contracts up to 12 months out.

News feeds for any symbol and
multiple categories from multiple sources.

Charts securities.

Get a detailed quote in sheet or sidebar.

Get historical security data.

Convert currencies, view major, minor
and exotic pairs, add your own pairs.

Change the currency the sheet uses.

Keep track of securities with watchlist.

Links to popular investing sites,
add your own links.

Technical Features

Extensive help documentation in sidebar.

Access to live text and voice chat
room with our own StockBot

Over 400 customization settings.

Change sheet theme sheet wide.

Create and share your own themes.

Automated backup of your
sheet to your Google Drive.

Optional backup of your sheet
in CSV and PDF format.

All dependent external sheets dynamically
mirrored for maximum uptime..

Automated beta and stable sheet updates.

Over 30,000 lines of Google apps script
coding in easy to update library.

Change log to document all changes.

Report, view and vote on outstanding issues.

Submit, view and vote on suggestions.

Sheet health dashboard to
check health of external sheets.

Ability to change to different external
mirrors if one your using is down.

Script log to troubleshoot
scripts taking too long to run.


Fast, easy and free registration
gets you all of the following!

Technical support by email and chat.

Grant support temporary access
to your sheet for live in sheet help.

All sheet features unlocked.

Add an unlimited number of accounts
symbols and transactions.

Automatic updates to.
scripts, library, hotfixes and sheets.

Access to advanced sheet features
that require a username to work properly.

Ability to vote on issues & suggestions.

Ability to create a user profile.

Subscribe to a free sheet newsletter.

Earn points by doing different things
like sharing sheet, uploading
transactions, reporting bugs, etc.

Access to live text and voice chat room
with our own StockBot.

Ability to request a free custom sheet
which enables you to:

Archive your transactions.
Share your transactions.
Appear on the Users Transactions sheet.
Appear on the User Rankings sheet.

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