Manage Your Investment Portfolio In A Free Spreadsheet!

Portfolio Sheet is a free spreadsheet to help you manage your financial investments. Below are a few feature highlights. To learn more and get a copy, click any of the menu links to the left.


  • The spreadsheet is powered by the Google Sheets platform.
  • Copied 1000s of times and used daily by investors around the world.
  • Comprehensive spreadsheet with over 30 separate sheet tabs.
  • Over 30,000 lines of custom apps script coding in easy to update library.
  • All additions, edits and deletions synchronized across all sheet tabs.
  • Support for unlimited accounts, symbols and transactions.
  • Customize over 400 sheet and script settings.
  • Change the sheet appearance with your own or shared sheet themes.
  • View transactions and rankings of other sheet users who have shared.
  • No personally identifiable information required to use sheet.
  • Truly free, no hidden fees or advertising.

Market Information

  • Market overview with multiple regional indexes.
  • Over 70 futures contracts up to 12 months out.
  • News feeds for symbols and multiple news categories/sources.
  • Charts from 5 different sources.
  • Detailed quotes in sheet or sidebar.
  • Historical stock data.
  • Convert currencies. Show major, minor & exotic pairs.
  • Create your own watchlist.

Your Investments


  • Support for unlimited accounts.
  • Dedicated sheet tabs auto created for each account.
  • Separate all accounts sheet tab shows investments from all accounts.
  • Separate summary sheet tab shows summary from all accounts.
  • Hide inactive accounts.
  • Specify order of data on account sheets.
  • Auto resort data after each data update.
  • Allocation of each account by equities, bonds and cash.
  • Automatic account history and chart.


  • Support for unlimited symbols.
  • Symbols sheet prevents duplication of data on transactions sheet.
  • Specify security type, notes, URL, sector, industry, high/low targets, rating & more.
  • Auto lookup of URL, sector, industry and ratings.


  • Add buy, sell, split, tax, fee, dividend, interest and cash transactions.
  • Auto retrieve dividends.
  • Multiple accounting and cost basis methods.
  • Support for cost basis, average basis, FIFO, LIFO & specific shares.
  • View transactions other users have chosen to share.
  • View rankings of users who have chosen to share.
  • Automatic tracking of short and long term shares, gains & losses.
  • Estimates of taxes owed on short & long capital gains.
  • Search transactions by account & symbol.

Market Data

  • Over 50 columns of market data.
  • Automated market data updates from multiple sources.
  • Adjust market update frequency.
  • Get price target email alerts.
  • View your most active holdings.
  • Most actives by % or $ gain/loss, volume, trade date.
  • Dashboard sheet with over 15 charts of sheet data.


  • Support for automatic updates.
  • Support for hotfixes to quickly fix issues.
  • Beta and stable sheet versions available.
  • Change log to document all sheet changes.
  • Support for automated backups of your sheet.
  • Option to backup in PDF and CSV formats.
  • External dependent sheets mirrored for maximum uptime.
  • Check sheet health of all external dependent sheets.
  • Ability to change mirror used of an external sheet.
  • Report, view and vote on issues.
  • Submit, view and vote on suggestions.
  • Script log to troubleshoot scripts taking too long.
  • Error log to troubleshoot script function errors.
  • Sheet containing useful investing links, add your own.
  • Option to temporarily auto share sheet with support on errors.

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